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Elite Immigration Attorneys is a legal practice that specializes in all aspects of immigration law. Call us today to get the legal representation that you need.

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Lawyers in CaliforniaThe opportunity to be able to live and work in the United States has been a goal of countless men and women from everywhere around the globe since the beginning of this great country. However, the process is often difficult and generally time-consuming, depending on qualifications and the type of application you want.

If you are trying to find an immigration lawyer to handle your immigration application, you may want to think about a attorney that can offer information and vast knowledge of the common complications of immigration law. At your initial consultation with Elite Immigration Attorneys we will give you a comprehensive break down of your options so that you can come to an educated choice on such vital issues which may be decisive for you and your family.

With the help of Elite Immigration Attorneys you won’t be treated like just another client. You will see that your difficulties matter to us and we will defend your interests during all the phases of the process.

Since immigration laws are formed by federal law and the filing procedure is mostly decentralized, Immigration Lawyer LA will provide you with the legal expertise you deserve no matter your place of residence.

Marcelo Gondimor (of Elite Immigration Attorneys) is an experienced attorney permitted to practice law in the United States (CA) as well as Brazil. He speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently. As an attorney aware of numerous populations, Marcelo Gondimor can understand your immigration issues from an immigrant’s perspective, not merely from an attorney’s stand-point.

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